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i have sore elbows on the inside and sore fingers i get shooting pain through my fingers and have sore wrists i also get tinglin

Posted by jess

i am a hairdresser i have been hairdressing 3 years now i was working and slowly stared to get very weak and losing control of what i was doing i got very heavy handed and couldn finnish my blow drys. after work a would get wrist painn and weak driving home i have had a nerve test for carpal tunnel and it was negative. i then had two weeks off to rest. ithen started geting elbow pain on the iside and tingling in the fingers its slowly gottin worse and worse i now have burning in the wrist i have no strength i have shooting pains from my elbow down into my fingers i also get burning between the shoulders my posture has gottin worse i cant keep my shouders back. i have been off of work for 5 months and no one can tell me whats wrong please help thnkyou
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