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HumanScale Keyboard Trays-squidoo Lens

Posted Jul 19 2009 12:36pm

(To immediately read full article lens: click here: " HumanScale Keyboard Trays ")

ErgoRehab, Inc. has performed thousands of workstation ergonomic evaluations and reviewed hundreds of different keyboard and keyboard tray set ups, including the review of the HumanScale Keyboard Trays .
Based on our research, experience and our success, we offer the HumanScale Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Trays as leading edge computer keyboard tray products.
HumanScale keyboard trays are expert chosen because they each offer unique ergonomic designs focused on improving the functionality, working postures, comfort and adjustability of your keyboard and tray so that they effectively reduce or eliminate your muscle strain, reduce excessive motions to your spine, shoulder, arm and wrist/hand and even reduce your workload by automatically improving your primary reaching zones due to the built in computer mouse platforms.
The HumanScale ergonomic adjustable keyboard trays are exceptional- everyone who uses a computer over 3 days a week and over 4 hours a day should use an ergonomic computer keyboard tray even if they do yet have pain.Enjoy these HumanScale keyboard trays leading edge designs and follow the simple process below immediately improve your keyboard position according to Ergonomic Guidelines.

HumanScale ergonomic adjustable keyboard trays are an essential component to correct ergonomic set-up and optimal computer postures. Most desk or work surfaces do not offer the appropriate height adjustment to accomodate for the varying sizes of people. According to ergonomic-anthropometric studies, there is no "average" sized person. Most work areas are designed for the 95th percentile, this means that 95% of the population fits under the workstation. However this also means that practically all of these people will be working in a poorly fit workstation for them! The lack of work surface adjustability is one of the leading causes and culprits of poor ergonomic design and ergonomic problems. The solution is so simple and cost-effective- the ergonomic adjustable keyboard tray! HumanScale has mastered this product and really cornered the adjustable keyboard tray market for years--and there is good reason, HumanScale ergonomic adjustable keyboard trays are of the finest quality, offer the optimal flexibility and adjustabililty and frankly are one of the best looking adjustable keyboard tray products available.HumanScale ergonomic adjustable keyboard trays come highly recommended by ergonomic and therapy experts.

Ergonomic Guidelines for Your HumanScale Ergonomic Computer Keyboard Tray :
Your keyboard and HumanScale keyboard tray should keep the entire body in proper posture. This means with proper keyboard positioning, you are able to remain sitting straight, lower back supported by your chair, legs comfortable supported on the floor or foot rest, shoulders relaxed at your sides and your elbows parallel to the floor and bent at about 90 degrees, your wrists should be in neutral or a straight position and your head and neck should be upright on your spine, allowing optimal posture for your neck and shoulders. A computer monitor arm may be required in order to optimize the position of your computer monitor screen.
All of the HumanScale keyboard trays below provide you with this required adjustability and support.When you have the keyboard and HumanScale keyboard tray adjusted to the appropriate height and angle, your wrist are in an optimal position, wrist rests are are option to promote neutral wrist positions and reduce strain.If you are in a cublicle or have a desk with a corner, we absolutely recommend the corner brace for keyboard for optimal positioning. This low cost product is essential for cubicle users.For more information on measurements, heights, distances and more ergonomic guidelines for your computer set up, including a self checklist that you can use to make sure your HumanScale Keyboard Tray is positioned properly, simply click this link:

HumanScale Adjustable Keyboard Trays Table of Contents : to read full lens article click on any of these table of content links!

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