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How To Optimize Your Computer Monitor Position: Office-Computer Ergonomic Guidelines

Posted Jan 15 2009 10:34am
As with keyboard positioning, proper monitor height is dependent on the proper seating posture. Once positioned correctly, the head and neck will maintain in an upright position. As the screen fills, only the eyes will need to follow, therefore reducing strain on the neck and shoulder musculature.
-The monitor height should be adjustable and range from 23 to 33 inches from the floor based on seating arrangement. A computer monitor arm should be used to provide this required adjustability.

-The monitor or VTD should be placed directly in front of the computer user.

-The monitor viewing distance should range from 16 to 24 inches from the eyes, for 14, 15, and 17-inch monitors; this is approximately an arm’s reach. Larger or special screens, commonly seen in engineering or drafting occupations, should be placed so that the center of the monitor is slightly higher than eye level.
-If using laptop computer, a laptop holder should be used in order to allow for the appropriate height, angle and distance of the laptop computer screen for the computer user.
-To reduce computer-related eye strain and ergonomic eye problems, the correct optometric angle for viewing is a downward slope of the neck of 10 to 20 degrees from the horizontal.
-The top line of print on the monitor screen should be level with the eyes when looking straight ahead.
-For bifocal users, the monitor screen should be placed 5 to 6 inches below normal vision height.
- Document holders are recommended to reduce neck strain that is caused when the documents are placed on the desk surface, which is at a different distance and angle then the computer monitor. This act of looking back and forth from monitor to desk surface casues not only neck strain but also eye strain from the need for the eye muscles to continually re-adjust to varying angles and viewing distances. The document holder should be placed close to the computer monitor, within 15 degrees of rotation to either side, of the monitor to minimize neck rotation.

Computer Monitor Position Checklist: To Evaluate Your Computer Set-up

Your Computer Monitor:

-Position your computer monitor directly in front of you. Use computer monitor arm for optimal positioning.
-Computer screen should be 16” to 24” from your eyes or about one arm’s length away.
-Position top of monitor 2-3” above seated eye level, so that the top of the screen is level with your eyebrows. If you wear bifocals lower screen to a comfortable level.
-Use anti glare screen or reposition monitor if there is direct glare. Place screen at right angles to windows. Close window blinds or shades. Use filters, task lighting and screen controls to adjust lighting and brightness to reduce eye strain.
-Position documents in front of you or use document holders. Document holders should be placed next to or in front of the monitor screen.


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