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How do you stay well on the road?

Posted by Pravassa

In today's marketplace, most people have to travel for their job. Meetings out of town, tradeshows and industry seminars are things that keep us informed in our field. We've just launched a travel series at Pravassa that will run twice a month on Travel Tuesdays. 

Our new Travel Tuesday series cozies up to fabulous entrepreneurs who spend countless hours away from home in the name of their passion. Here we asked them to share some of their secrets for staying well on the road.

Kimberly Hartman | Jade TribeKimberly Hartman
owner:  JADEtribe 
most recently in: Spain & Morocco

The one snack you can always find in my carry on is...  
Raw almonds and a green apple.

Tell us your in-flight rituals.

It’s all about the water, water and more water. Day of I start with an am workout and consciously drink lots of water with lemon. I eat light and stay away from carbs, soy and foods that make my stomach bloat. Pre-flight I shower moisturize my entire body and dress in loose comfortable, layered clothing with a clean make-up free face. In-flight the airline pillow is placed behind my lower back for support and my neck pillow is wrapped around my neck. I have a great lavender scented eye mask, which is always with me along with my noise cancelling headphones. I avoid airline food at all costs! I usually I pick up snacks like baby carrots and humus or grab a salad and fruit before boarding.


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