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hand muscle pain

Posted by wendi m.

I am a massage therapist and have been having some serious issues with my hands.  When I practice massage my hands have started cramping and burning.  This is pain in the muscles, not the joints.  I have had problems with this before  but the pain would gradually go away as my muscles warmed up and the massage continued.   I have been practicing for two years, but it was an intermittant problem.  Now it starts as soon as my hands touch a body and continues for the whole massage.  I am afraid this will be a career ender.  My hands do not hurt until I start working with them.  I am currently taking meloxicam and other over the counter anti-inflammatories, to no avail.  Any advice?
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I am a physical therapist and can say that you as a maassage therapist are working your hands too hard! There are small joints in the hand that are not designed for such hard strenuous work. You need to focus on joint protection techniques. Learn ways to provide treatments using your larger muscles/joints (They are much stronger), such as your elbow and shoulder, use your body weight to provide pressure, do not use your hands to do all the work. You must focus on protecting your joints. See if you can also sepnd more time on patient education, develop educational programs, marketing, business related things to help grow the business, bring in revenue and allow your hands to rest.


Nicole Matoushek MPH, PT

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