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(G)et and Keep Your Business Etiquette

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:18am

I must have been living in a hole over the last few years.  In the last 6 months I’ve noticed that business etiquette is a thing of the past.  Not only that, it’s getting worse by the day.  I’m talking about the common courtesy of doing business in a professional manner.   This type of behavior is becoming acceptable and the “way to do business”.  I think it’s getting out of control.

So what does less than stellar business etiquette look like.  Let’s break it down to the deliverer and the receiver.

From the person who delivers it ….

  1. not returning phone calls because you deem the matter unimportant <or> don’t want to talk to the caller
  2. not answering emails because you don’t have time
  3. deciding not to respond to an invitation because they will “figure it out”
  4. forgetting to act on what you said you were going to do
  5. over promising but under delivering <or> not delivering at all 
  6. scheduling people for meetings even though you see their calendar is blocked off for that time
  7. being late for meetings
  8. having speaker phone conference calls at your cubicle when there are people working in theirs
  9. hijacking peoples time
  10. being dishonest with a business partner by making yourself look “bigger than life”
  11. intentionally refusing to end a business relationship when the common goal is no longer valid
  12. scheduling meetings then canceling that day

To the person who is the receiver it appears …

  1. myself and my business are not important enough for you
  2. you have poor time management skills
  3. your ego is bigger than our relationship can handle
  4. lack of trust for future projects, promotions or referrals
  5. lack of respect for my valuable time and money
  6. weak leadership ability
  7. your not as great as you think you are so get over it
  8. I won’t work with you because I’m not putting up with this behavior
  9. NEXT!  I can find another person to do business with, give referrals to or promote within the company
  10. this is a small part of the behavior of your entire organization including the leadership team
  11. this behavior is intentional!

What you will hear are excuses like lack of time and lack of resources.  We need to S-L-O-W down, take a deep breath and realize that this type of professional behavior molds our business reputation for our entire career.  Not only that, it follows us around the globe.  I’ve had this happen to me.  I use to work with a man who was a cross line associate in an organization on the east coast.  Fast forward many years later, 500 miles, a different company and he became my BOSS.  Take a peak at a short video presentation on this story

Let’s get back to putting people and business relationships as a semi top priority.  For some of us, we can kick it up a few notches and make a huge difference in our careers.  For others, one notch may be just too much to handle.  Remember, its your career for the long haul and your designing it with all your cumulative actions.

 Be healthy and fabulous!


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