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Five Predictions about iPhone5

Posted Mar 12 2012 10:09am
<p>Industry believed that the new iPad3 also suggested the direction of development of the next generation of iPhone5. Apple's next-generation iPad3 was released as scheduled. For Apple fans, this new product has not much change, the main improvement is that the screen resolution and support for LTE technology. However, CNET reporter Donald Bell, simply by virtue of these upgrades, Apple was able to increase competition in the tablet computer market in the chips. Through the improvement of Apple's new iPad amid speculation that changes may occur to the next-generation iPhone. 

<p>2048x1536 resolution QXGA display support for the new iPad, this is a significant improvement, the new iPad resolution has surpassed the current all Tablet PCs and notebooks on the market. This resolution is more than 960x640 resolution of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but this is mainly due to the iPad's dimensions is larger than the iPhone. Therefore, if Apple were to increase the size of the next-generation iPhone, it will improve your screen resolution. This may not be a leap, but Apple will adhere to the "retina display" concept. Moreover can not but raise, though iPhone5 does not launch, many iPhone fans have brought a lot of iPhone cases in <a href=""> iphone accessories mall </a>, they are waiting for iPhone5.

<p>Overall design of the new iPad is the same with iPad 2, which may cause some users to feel disappointed. Next generation iPhone may also keep the design intact. Despite the rumors, the size of the next-generation iPhone is thinner, or uses tear drop shape, but this is unlikely. Apple has the potential to make the iPhone lighter, but it will be on the premise of ensuring that battery life.

<p><img src=" alt="" title="2" width="300" height="282" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-123274" />

<p>LTE technology
<p>IPad support for 4G technology showed that iPhone will support this technology in the future. LTE technology provides faster data transfer speeds. Later Apple support for LTE technology is not surprising, because Apple wants to ensure that new technologies can bring about the hoped-for the user experience. Now the problem is, all United States carrier operations support LTE iPhone. Verizon Wireless and AT&T will operate this product but Sprint in this aspect of the case is unknown. Sprint is building LTE network, but may not be able to complete in a short time. Considering that Sprint fails to run 4G a new iPad, so it probably will not operate to support 4G network of the next generation iPhone.

<p><img src=" alt="" title="iphone1" width="300" height="300" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-123273" />

<p>Battery life time
<p>Apple boldly said, new iPad battery life is up to 9 hours when using the 4G function. But LTE Mobile phone users have found, faster data network will result in faster battery depletion. Motorola moved after the launch of Raze Maxx Smartphone, highlighting the advantages of battery life, Apple must remain competitive in this area. 4G version of the iPad may have significantly improved battery life.

<p>New iPad still uses a dual-core processor, but the processor has upgrade from A5 to A5X. This quad-core processor integrated in the graphics core. IPhone 4S has previously used double-A5 processors, and Apple is unlikely in the next-generation iPhone upgraded to quad-core processors. While at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona quad-core with an extensive Smartphone release, but for user experience reasons, Apple is unlikely to make too big a change. The other hand, the next generation iPhone may also support a strong display performance.

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