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(F)ree! Sign me up!

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:18am

Everyone loves something for nothing, right!  It’s like finding a golden nugget on a beach full of rocks.  We hold up our shiny object and make a proclamation of where and how we found it.  Then proceed to the checkout line where we cash in our treasure.

In today’s economy, we stretch every dollar to meet the needs of our family.  For most wellness professionals, caring for your health and safety is of the utmost importance.  So a complimentary offer a.k.a. free helps us on our wellness journey.   Wellness professionals would rather meet you on the street healthy than in their office sick with a long road ahead to better health.  They provide a “no excuses” way for you to begin a healthy life journey.

Two major questions are  …

(1)  Where do we find FREE wellness activities to keep healthy and fit?  

(2)  How do we use these resources to move us to a better place personally and professionally? 

Today wellness is all the buzz and all the rage.  So it’s easy to find resources to help get us started.  Here are a few I highly recommend.

  • Local hospital newsletter or website  
    • These are normally listed as events in their corporate calendars.  They range from workshops to seminars with health-care professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians, Former Patients, Martial Arts Instructors) leading the group discussion.  I have attended great hospital lead workshops.  Along with dynamic speakers there are also vendors to check out and healthy food. 
  • Local Fitness Facilities (Franchise and Sole Owners)
    • Look for open houses with a full day of group and personal training.  You can benefit from the collective knowledge of the team and get great workout tips in the process.  Sometimes these open houses will include other health professions with demonstrations such as chiropractors, nutritionist, massage therapist and compliment treatments (reflexology and body work).
  • Health Expos or ANY Expo
    • Both of these expos usually attract health care professional and health related vendors.  If your lucky, the expo coordinator will have mini-seminars during the day.  These is a great opportunity to tap into the knowledge of professionals that have your health and safety at the forefront.
  • Group Health Care Provider Website
    • Your health care provider may have a wellness portal specifically for your organization.  This includes tons of information on getting and staying healthy.  Ask your Human Resources department how this works with your group health care provider.  In addition, some offer free services on-site.  Check it out!
  • Internet Wellness Sites
    • There are hundreds of websites and blogs specifically for health and productivity.  I recommend checking a handful out then picking a few as favorites.  We could spend days choosing “the best one” when a few great ones will do.  Pick different sites for your different needs.  For example, if your having relationship issues, choose a site specifically for improving relationships.  Or, if your experiencing a challenge with stress, move to a site dedicated to stress management or one that supports a hobby you LOVE.
  • Not for profit website and events.
    • Not for profits such as the American Cancer Society list events they will be attending.  Take advantage of their superior knowledge of prevention to include in your wellness journey.  Also, they are a wealth of physical information such as brochures for you and your organization.  There may be an opportunity to have them participate in  your organizations wellness fair or wellness work day events.

So …. how do we use these resources to move us to a better place personally and professionally?  Great question! 

When I worked at my corporate jobs, I planned my month to include one or more of these resources.  It became a part of my social calendar which, at times, included my family.  It became an event which led all of us to an increase awareness of wellness and safety.  YES, it took time to find them.  YES, it took time to attend.  And, YES, it took time to implement them.  But the alternative is what I was trying to avoid … being sick.  It becomes a matter of priorities.  Another subject we need to discuss.  In the end, I empowered myself to stay focused and productive leading me to be a better person, mother, wife, daughter and …. employee.  Everyone benefited.

I am happy to say that, as of this post, my daughter is becoming a pharmacist.  I wonder how much of this exposure contributed to her decision to go into the wellness field.  Yup, she was kicking and screaming at the time, but in the end she was healthy both physically and mentally.  Now, she is moving on to help others feel the same way too.   A benefit I did not foresee.

In a “golden nutshell”, here’s whats next. 

(1)  Check out the free events in your community. 

(2)  Get out your calendar for the month and plan to attend with your family.  Make it a family wellness day which includes other activities your family loves. 

(3)  Prioritize your health for the long term by being proactive.  Implement, implement, implement what you have learned.

(4)  Teach others to do the same!  Pass it on!

Be healthy and fabulous!


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