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external battery the cycle fewer use

Posted Dec 20 2012 8:03am
Wire impact on the use of mobile power it? Common sense of family life, the circuit of the house decoration is very important. If this is the state of disrepair of the house in which the circuit is not getting good maintenance and inspection, electricity must be unsafe. Over time, the quality of household electricity wire will certainly change in the air, as well as a variety of reasons, corrosion, destruction of the wire will be, it will cause a certain amount of electricity dangerous. Therefore, the use of wire must pay attention to. Thereto Similarly, a good data lines, with high-speed transmission and low loss characteristics, and external battery can improve the charging speed and the efficiency of charging, and the same time can extend the number of uses of the mobile power and life. In general, copper has good continuity, various USB charger, the mobile power wire only use standard copper conductors, can provide a good use of characteristics. Illegal wire manufacturers, there are some profiteering behavior, the use of copper-clad steel conductors, or non-standard conductors, cause the phone in the charging process, the data line loss (voltage drop), fever and other problems, so external battery the cycle fewer use, resulting external battery in the use of mobile power, the phone may also occur due to unstable power supply problem. external battery When consumers buy mobile phones mobile power, as much as external battery possible to consult insiders wire for the use of mobile power, there is a certain influence. Because, even if the use of copper conductors, the size of the wire diameter of the wire can also affect the actual charging effect know from our physical sense, in the same material, length, the conductor cross-sectional area of the greater, the smaller the external battery resistance, then charging effect is better. Some manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of copper wire few, so the effect of natural mobile power than those using high-quality wire worse. '
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