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Ergonomic News â?? Standing is more important than we think!

Posted Sep 23 2009 2:49pm

Please check out this podcast. Dr. Marc Hamilton hits the nail on the head when it comes to standing and the many ergonomic benefits that we can gain from doing this throughout the day. Sitting for long extended periods is not good for us on many levels. Old school ergonomics is on the way out. Sit to stand desks are the real answer. I have been saying this for quite some time and now. To have some good factual data that supports this will change the way we work everyday. (Businesses need to let go of the out dated ergonomics standards that were instituted more than 20 plus years ago!)

Contact me with your questions or concerns. If you are ready to make a change to your work space, I have many solutions that will work for your specific needs and applications.

Ergonomic Evolution greatly endorses Dr. Marc Hamilton and his research. This ergonomic information is the beginning of the ergonomic revolution that will take off in the coming years. Be proactive and get educated now. Ergonomic Evolutio n can get you and your business started on a more productive and healthy path.

Please let me know your thoughts.  Be the change that you want in your life. Give feedback!
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