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Ergonomic Mice and Keyboards — Find The Right One for You

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:43am

According to one report, 10-20% of computer users report that using the mouse causes them pain. However, there’s no specific type of mouse that’s bad or dangerous, just as there’s no “ergonomic” alternative that can solve the problem for everyone.

The same is true for keyboards, chairs and every other piece of computer equipment available. People are built differently and use equipment differently, so we develop problems differently. There’s no sure or easy fix. Instead, users need to choose products that fit their body size and their workstation.

To help out with this, we have recently updated our Comprehensive Product Guides. These list all the types of mice and keyboards on the market today, from the standard computer-store varieties to the daring and strange options available primarily online. We have links to the RSIHealer store as well as to third party vendors, showing both pictures and specs. Our goal isn’t to hawk products, just to help people make the most informed choices.

So, take a look at the Guides to learn more about the keyboards and mice available out there:

Soon to come — Guides for Alternative Chairs, Therapeutic Supplies and More.  

Are there any other guides that would you like to see?  Make a suggestion in the comments.

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