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Easy Steps Reduce Computer Pain Fast! Remember Posture!

Posted Jul 06 2009 7:36pm

Reduce Computer Pain Step 1: Optimize Your Posture!
Office / Computer Ergonomics Tips: How To Reduce Computer Pain By Properly Setting Up Your Office Computer With Optimal Ergonomic Positions:

First, in order to Reduce Computer Pain you must optimize your posture!

The correct placement of your computer monitor and computer keyboard can reduce eye, arm, back, shoulder and neck fatigue. Improper posture caused by an inadequate support or posture / body positioning or awkward hand and computer keyboard positions can result in early day fatigue, even pain. Long periods of repetitive work can lead to hand, neck, and back pain and ultimately injury.Ergonomics is the applied science focused on human use. Office / Computer Ergonomics is applying the principles of work design and human use to the office and computer setting. Office / Computer Ergonomics provides an array of information critical to the design and proper use of office equipment, furniture and computer accessories.The next few steps will guide you through the process of optimizing your posture as you sit at your computer! This is critical in order to Reduce Computer Pain!

Reduce Computer Pain Step 2: Position Your Computer Chair Correctly:
Adjust the height of your chair so your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Adjust the back support so your back is firmly supported and angled slightly backward while your feet are fully supported on the floor or a footrest.
**For more information about Ergonomic office chairs, back pain, back care tips fo seating, office seating ergonomic guidelines, the most imporant features of an ergonomic office chair, and a check list so that you can immediately improve your seated posture and adjust your chair properly, simply click this resource link: Reduce Computer Pain-Ergonomic Office Chairs

Next, in order to Reduce Computer Pain you must make sure the height for your computer keyboard and computer mouse, are correctly placed so that your hands, wrists and forearms are at the same level.
Use an ergonomic/adjustable keyboard tray to make sure your wrists and hands are level with your elbows so that your arms are comfortably at your sides.Some ergonomic experts suggest a negative tilt it best, this means to position your computer keyboard so that there is about a 1 to 2 inch decline, where the front of your computer keyboard is higher than the back of your computer keyboard; another reason why using adjustable keyboard trays are so important. Your shoulders should be relaxed, your elbows should be near your body and with a 90 degree angle between your shoulders and hands.

**For more information on adjusting your keyboard height to the optimal position in order to Reduce Computer Pain including ergonomic guidelines, adjustable keyboard tray products and a self checklist so that you can immediately improve your set up, simply click this resource link here: Reduce Computer Pain
For " 10 Simple Steps to Reduce Computer Pain" Click here for 7 remaining steps and FREE resources: Reduce Computer Pain

Reduce Computer Pain Table of Contents
Reduce Computer Pain: Materials You Will Need
Reduce Computer Pain Step 1: Optimize Your Posture!
Reduce Computer Pain Step 2: Position Your Computer Chair Correctly:
Reduce Computer Pain Step 3: Position Your Keyboard/Keyboard Tray at the Correct Height and Angle
Reduce Computer Pain Step 4: Use a Computer Mouse Design that Fits Your Hand and Promotes Neutral Posture
Reduce Computer Pain Step 5:Finally Pain-Free Computer Mousing!
Reduce Computer Pain Step 6: Use Supplimental Task Lighting
Reduce Computer Pain Step 7: Position Your Monitor at Correct Distance and Height:
Reduce Computer Pain Step 8: Make Sure Your Feet Are Flat on Floor Or Use an Office Footrest
Reduce Computer Pain Step 9: Use a Document Holder
Reduce Computer Pain Step 10: Rest Your Eyes!
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