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Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel: (Squidoo Lens) Primary Causes

Posted Jul 01 2009 5:39am
Excerpt from Lens article: Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel
Primary Causes of Computer-Related Mouse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Below are the primary causes of Computer Mouse Carpal Tunnel pain caused by a poorly fitted computer mouse:

Shape: the shape of an ordinary or generic computer mouse that does not correctly fit the user's hand, requires the user to grip and hold, which over an extended period will cause tendon and muscle fatigue in the hand, wrist and even the elbow and arm.

Overall size: the size of the computer mouse does not properly fit the size of the individual's hand. This means there is not enough support for the hand, having optimal support and comfort is required to minimize fatigue with computer mouse operations. Individuals with smaller hands should use smaller mice. On the contrary, individuals with larger hands should use larger mice.

Right and left hand compatibility - the computer mouse is not compatible with the user's dominant hand. The computer mouse should be compatible with the dominant hand of the computer user, left-handed computer mouse users should use an ergonomic computer mouse designed for the left hand.

Wrist Position: An ordinary, generic horizontal computer mouse requires your forearm to twist away from its natural position, this causes more strain on your carpal tunnel, wrist tendons and ligaments.

For full Lens article including causes of carpal tunnel, risk factors, and the best computer mouse for carpal tunnel click here: Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel
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