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Colorado is Healthiest State

Posted Jan 08 2010 10:34am 1 Comment
According to a study made by the CDC in 2008, names Colorado the Healthiest least obese state in the US. Obesity is the fastest growing health issue in the past 15 years and health care costs have grown at the same rate.


<10%             10%-14%            15%-19%                 20%-24%              >25%
(*BMI &ge;30, or ~ 30 lbs overweight for 5’ 4” woman)
Go Colorado!
Ergonomic Evolution

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I'm not surprised. I live in colorado. i took a trip back to michigan and ohio. Well....the all you can eat buffet seems to be a midwest staple. Salad bars in restaurants were iceburg lettuce and tomatoes....vegetables seem to be an endangered species..and exercising. I nearly got killed in ohio attempting to jog down roads with no shoulder while yahoos yelled for me to get off the road. I am surprised every last one of them ISN'T fat. I am glad to be back in sunny colorado.
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