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"Behind the Mask"

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:36pm

Don’t be fooled by me , by the face I present
For I wear a mask from a large array.
A different mask for each new event,
Depending on whom I meet each day.

Mask number one is a favourite of mine -
Secure, confident, calm and contained;
Need no one, in command all the time.
Don’t believe me please its false and strained.

While my surface is smooth, confusion’s beneath
Fear and loneliness struggle with grief.
Quickly! My mask! I can’t let it show,
My weakness and fear no-one must know.

So with nonchalant mood, carefree I pose
To hide me away from the glance that knows.
That glance which could truly save me if only,
I’d break down the wall that imprisons the lonely
- - - - - - - - me.

But I keep on with the games, my pretences I flout
Scared child within, assured mask without.
My life is a front, an affront to truth,
As idly I chatter, suave and aloof,
of all about nothing, but nothing of all
that’s crying within behind my thick wall

I really do hate these false social rules
So when I start my charade just don’t be fooled,
But listen most carefully, listen please do,
To hear what it is I’m not saying to you.

Deep down I detest phony games, falsity,
I want to be genuine, childlike and me.
So please hold out your hand to me e’en when it seems,
The last thing I want is that you share my dreams.


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