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Beating Food Cravings

Posted May 09 2010 5:49pm

Ever feel like you’ll die if you don’t get that particular thing to eat? Yes? Well, you’ve had a food craving. Craving food is normally associated with pregnant women, but most people have them and they mean a few different things.

Why We Crave

Sugar cravings

Lots of people crave sugar. Sugar cravings stem from a number of different problems.

People who have an overgrowth of yeast in their system often crave sugar. The yeast that lives naturally in your mouth, gut and on the skin are normally kept in check by friendly bacteria within the body. This delicate balance can easily be thrown into disarray by a modern diet. Yeast feeds off simple sugars and acid, both abundant in a processed food world.

Lolly cravings

A craving for sweets alternatively, may indicate a lack of minerals in your body. Often a lollie-type sweet craving means you are deficient in carbohydrates and need to eat more nuts, seeds and vegetables. If your sweet craving comes in the form of chocolate, you are craving protein and need to include more meat, fish, eggs, pulses and nuts into your diet.

Salty cravings

Craving salty foods may indicate a need for more lipids, or good fats, in your diet. This comes in the form of nuts, seeds, fish and avocado. Salt cravings can also indicate a low level of iodine or potassium. Foods rich in iodine are onions, milk and salt water fish. Some examples of potassium loaded food sources are avocadoes, asparagus, bananas, beans, and nuts.

Beating cravings

It can be difficult to kick a food craving. We are predisposed to wanting energy dense foods. It is a kickback from an era when food was relatively scarce. Consequently our brain releases ‘feel good’ hormones, like dopamine when we eat fatty, sugary foods. Be assured, food cravings will subside with time, so hang in there.

Remember to enjoy what you eat and include a wide variety of foods in your diet.

– By Susan Whitby

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