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Ask The "Why?" Question

Posted Aug 20 2013 7:44pm

You and I hear messages all the time about action.

Worthy Why? "Just do it." "We're falling behind in our sales figures. Get out and do more." "Don't just stand there--do something." "We need to change the organization."

I'm big on doing stuff, too. But I've learned that being busy doesn't necessarily lead to what I want to achieve. Why? Because I didn't ask "why?" "

Why?" can come across as a threatening question. It gets at purpose and motive. For those very reasons, it's the first question that you and I need to ask ourselves--and others--before committing time and energy to anything. When a time commitment doesn't match your purpose and goals, then answering the "why?" question is time well spent.

What's your experience with "why?" question?

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