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Are You Focused On The Right Thing?

Posted Feb 18 2009 12:03pm

More knowledge, more certifications, more degrees, more credentials.

Technical wizards, scientists, and other professionals seem to believe that more skill leads to successful careers. The goal: become an expert in your chosen field.  

While education and expertise are important, research studies show that people respond positively to Cute those they like. The highest levels of achievement and recognition come to those who mix expertise with like-ability. People prefer to do business with and buy products from people they like.   Mitch Anthony, author of Selling with Emotional Intelligence, says straight out: “Like-ability is as important as ability.”  

While you may not be in sales, your like-ability impacts your credibility and your credibility impacts how influential you become.   

Think on these:

  • Accept the fact that developing like-ability is an important success strategy.

  • Take time to discover and mention--without expecting anything in return--the connections and similarities you may have with others.

  • Initiate small courtesies and expressions of appreciation regardless of the other person’s organiztional status.     

  • Keep gossip and unkind remarks unsaid.

A Quick and Simple Like-ability Inventory

Let's leave the Deltas and statistical probabilities out of this. Your answers to these can give you a darned good idea of where you may be in your like-ability journey:

  • Do you like people?
  • Do people like you?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do people confide in you?
  • Do you compliment others easily?
  • Do you smile often?
  • Do others seem genuinely happy to see you?
  • Do you look on the bright side of things?
  • Are you happy with yourself?

Whether you are getting ready for a presentation, a job interview, or a sales call, these diagnostic questions will provide personal insight and remind you where to increase your focus.

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