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Apple iPhone and iPad are still the world's most popular electronic products

Posted Apr 10 2013 9:36am

Market research firm Canalys (Analysys International, China's Internet market superior information products, services and solutions provider) issued 13 reports mobile market in the first quarter, reported that 13 first quarter App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone application Store, BlackBerry World four mobile markets total downloads reached 13.4 billion times, generated total revenues of approximately $ 2.2 billion. Compared to last quarter of 12, about 11% of downloads, revenue grew by about 8%.

Data from the report view, Google to 6.8 billion applications downloads to become the world's largest mobile platform. 51% per cent of total market, but Apple still uses 40% market share, revenues of us $ 1.6 billion into a market winner. Meanwhile, Microsoft and BlackBerry's market share is still in single digits, Google and Apple have long distance.

Canalys Tim?Shepherd, a senior analyst at the media predicted in an interview, Google and Apple in the mobile market share gap will further widen, but Google's ability to achieve profitability and Apple is still far, only close to 450 million at present, 20% per cent of total market revenue. While Microsoft and BlackBerry only have a single digit revenue share.

Two giants, Microsoft and BlackBerry are not completely no chance of chasing, Tim?Shepherd believes that current Microsoft and BlackBerry development strategy should focus on the development of new user groups, and new groups of users were concentrated mainly in South Africa, and Brazil and Indonesia and other developing markets.

As Apple 5S listed time is approaching, a lot of people are speculating about whether this new paragraph came and ready go to buy a new iPhone cases, just like cute iPhone 5 cases to protect their iPhone, however, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today issued a United States youth survey recent results, data show interviewed 5,200 young, still a large number of iPhone and iPad users. According to the report, 48% of the United States youth express themselves using the iPhone, a figure than investigation by 8% 6 months ago, so it seems market requirements is to ensure that Apple products are important evidence in the normal output.

Despite competition from Samsung, but many young people still choose Apple iPhone instead of Samsung products. Survey shows 62% teenagers want their next phone is still iPhone, it shows the loyalty of young iPhone users is very high. For Android,23% teenagers want their next phone Android, 1% increase over the results of last fall. Munster believes that Samsung Galaxy Android devices of S3 and S4 is the most popular, but does not affect Apple shares.

What is more, 51% youth has a tablet computer, 7% investigations rose by more than 6 months ago. In this 51% users have Tablet PCs, 5% of teenagers are using a full size iPad, 63% who is using the iPad mini. This means that in the survey, 35 young people are using a Tablet PC. 68% young people plans to buy iPad within 6 months, believes the next iPad mini will continue to erode the iPad market share. However, the iPad accessories also rise, for example best cheap iPad mini cases.

Samsung mentioned in advertising, iPhone has been unable to attract young consumers, but also interpretation in advertising, young people line up in front of Apple Store just for parents and so on. However, according to the latest findings of the iPhone and iPad are still favored by young consumers like.

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