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(A)ttitude - Negative Attitudes Are The #1 Career Killer

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:18am

What is the #1 warrior for or killer of your career and opportunity for advancement?  Your attitude.  Do you work with someone that when they walk in a room, their attitude walks in before them?  Do you have a particular person in mind?  Is it pleasant at the thought or make you wince?  Let’s look at both the warrior and killer.  Also known as the ying and yang., the postive and negative, and the good and bad.


A bad attitude is the #1 killer of your your career.  Yes, I said career, not promotional opportunity.

People who are slowly killing their career for the long haul look like this.  

  • They are negative, uncooperative, argumentative, nasty, or gossipy.  
  • They have an air of superiority knowing the job and company better that even the founders.  
  • They specialize in chaos and reck havoc in meetings.
  • They stymie projects and processes, dig their heels in and go on a personal temper tantrum.
  • They try to take over all situations turning it into their personal mission for the sake of the company taking hostages along the way.

And the best part is that in their own mind,they are the #1 employee of the company and think they deserve to be promoted over others. 

This is the type of attitude that everyone LOVES to talk about long after your have both left the company.  Its a “war wound” that has been inflicted upon us long ago.  When we are in the right situation, it’s a natural conversation piece. 

Why is this a #1 killer of our career?  Because it’s a small business world.  Your attitude and reputation will follow you across the globe.  You would be surprised at the number of people who globe trot companies only to find that some of the same people they use to work with 10 years ago are now apart of the current organization.  For a personal example, please see my website video on “Business Etiquette” (

So how can we insulate ourselves from the negative in our work environment to help establish a positive attitude?  QTIP! QuitTakingItPersonal. 

When we stop taking it as a personal dig or insult here’s what it looks like when we walk in a room.

  • We are positive, supportive, cooperative, and learn to evaluate the request or relationship based on the goals of the department, project or company.
  • We seek out an involve others because we don’t know everything about the past company or project experience.
  • We help gain willing cooperation from others in a team atmosphere because this is where most progress is made.
  • We involve others and do not discount their advice.  We realze that people have a variety of experiences from other organizations.  
  • We look to further projects and goals even if it’s not in our best interest but in the interest of the bigger picture.
  • We guide people and support them in their efforts towards success.

This type of individual leaves a legacy of positive support and encouragement not only for the company but for its people.  We are not leaving “war wounds” but a sense of value to each person we deal with.  Fast forward 10 years working with  former co-workers, what kind of comments will they make to the new management about our past attitude, reputation and behavior?

Stay on the high side of your career.  Enlist the warrior to help make your professional life easier, productive, fun and profitable.

 Be healthy and fabulous!


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