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10 Lessons For Self-Leadership

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:24pm

Most people seem to be looking "out there" for leadership.


It starts where you are right now. Every minute you spend waiting for the Second Coming in the form of a business or political leader is a minute wasted developing the only person over which you have any control:


I'm not often a list kind of guy-- but I've been thinking about some constant truths that impact my decision-making every day. This is important because:

Leadership is a result ofthe actions you take from the decisions you make.

Business is part of life, not the other way around. Here are things that have emerged as important learnings for me over the past 30 years of organizational and consulting life:

Ten Life Lessons From Business and Consulting

1. You can be in charge but you're never in control.

2. If you have a Power Point slide with a graph whose curve always points upward, you're lying. Delete it.

3. If you look at people through your own eyes you'll judge them for who you think they are. If you look at them through God's eyes you'll see them for who they can become.

4. You can't be good at who you are until you stop trying to be all the things you are not.

5. Charge what you are worth. If you don't, resent your employer or client even thoughyoudecided to take the assignment.

6. You can't control circumstances. Youcancontrol your response to them. Those who learn to respond thoughtfully and peacefully are the ones who are accorded trust and power.

7. Overt displays of position power show weakness.  Quiet humility reflects power.

8. All groups aren't "teams". Often they are just collections of people who work really, really well together. Leave them alone.

9. No one can know how to be an effective leader until they've toiled as a dedicated follower.

10. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom isknowledgeapplied withdiscernment.

For a no-nonsense look at the nuts and bolts of leadership action, visitWally Bock at Three Star Leadershiptoday.

What consistent truths are serving you well in your own self-leadership?


Frode H., a manager in Norway and someone always keen to learn, says this regarding trust, respect, andNo!:

"I still believe many here (Norway) and elsewhere in the business world have trouble with saying 'no' to their boss, in some strange twist thinking 'no' means not following orders. The result is that they take on too much, ending up presenting a bad all-over performance.

If you are an employee afraid to say 'no,' you're boss would love it if you gave an honest 'no.'"

You heard it directly from someone who is on the line, managing every day.


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