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Roundup: What Top Pelvic Health Bloggers are Talking About by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer A gyno’s ad for Viagra; lessons about life with pelvic pain; overcoming treatment roadblocks; and “vagina therapy”: these are among the blog posts that some of our favorit ... Read on »
TRX Core Workout by Nikol Klein Patient Expert I’m super excited to share three of my favorite core conditioning exercises utilizing the TRX suspension trainer with you! All you need is a suspension trainer – any will ... Read on »
Should I go to Ballet When I’m Sick? by Nikol Klein Patient Expert There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a sore throat and a full day of rehearsals ahead of you. No matter how healthy you are it is inevitable ... Read on »
Brisdelle Review: Does This Menopause Supplement Really Work? by anginaberryz Brisdelle Overview Brisdelle is a prescription medication approved to treat hot flashes associated with menopause. It belongs to a class of medicines known as selective sero ... Read on »
Six Ways To Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis Infection In Pregnancy. by Rihana S. Facebook BV which is the other name for bacterial vaginosis occurs when the good bacteria in your vagina is corrupted by the bad bacteria. Usually, the female vagina consists of norm ... Read on »
Taking a break.... by Andrea Patient Expert I have not forgotten you!  There have been few articles about bioidentical hormones and menopause worth sharing lately.  That, combined with some back issues that make it d ... Read on »
Can Essential Oils Help my Pelvic Pain? by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Guest Blogger: Liz Palmer Pelvic floor discomfort is literally a pain in the ass. The journey from disease to health can be long and frustrating, especially in a cultur ... Read on »
We’re #1! Thank you – the Crave Cast is iTunes hit! by Alexandra Jamieson Hey sweet friends, This week my brand new Crave Cast: Women, Food & Desire podcast debuted on iTunes. I asked if you would tune in to listen, subscribe and share the ... Read on »
New Podcast – The Crave Cast: Cravings Whisperer and Women, Food & Desire by Alexandra Jamieson   I’m SO psyched. iTunes released my new podcast show today! It’s called the Crave Cast: Cravings Whisperer and Women, Food & Desire I’ll be sharing my ... Read on »
Stimulate G-spot and Clitoris Simultaneously: Is It Possible? by anginaberryz Many women have been wondering if it is possible to stimulate their G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, and the answer is yes. While it does take time and patience, women ca ... Read on »