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32 Five Ways to Eat and Date by Alexandra Jamieson   Our conversation today is all about food and sex. Welcome to my adults only episode of The Crave Cast.  Why is it that we can talk about food all the time (w ... Read on »
Beauty Watch: Kypris by Sara T Kypris Beauty founder Chase Polan knows her craft; she is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented maker in the clean beauty industry. Chase founded Kypris to create bea ... Read on »
Thrive On A Budget: Win Groceries from @DeliciousAlex + Thrive Markets by Alexandra Jamieson Shopping, cooking, touching and smelling the ingredients…it’s a pleasure for me, connects me with my food, and is part of the experience of eating…99% of the time. Th ... Read on »
Scones + Sisterhood: Gluten-free scones by Alexandra Jamieson   Scones + Sisterhood: Gluten-Free SisterHoodDay Cranberry Scones Last weekend I celebrated the first Sisterhood Day with 9 amazing friends. We shared storie ... Read on »
Kale yeah! Keep your kale close, win this golden kale necklace by Alexandra Jamieson #kaleyeah! Win this gold kale necklace from @rockthatgem! Do you have positive triggers? As I come a few days shy of earning my certification in Positive Psychol ... Read on »
What I ate Wednesday by runnermaybe In the effort to log it all and post it all. Here is my food for Wednesday.  I went in to the office and ordered Pho from our Café. I have no idea how many calories it had, ... Read on »
Feeding my craving for sisters + how I ended the mean girl shame by Alexandra Jamieson I’m afraid of women. Not my individual friends – I have dozens of amazing, trustworthy, inspiring girlfriends who I honestly feel are my spiritual sisters. One-on- ... Read on »
What Apps do you like? by runnermaybe If you have followed me long you will know I used to be an avid BodyBug user. That is how I lost my weight after my first kiddo.  I loved it, but I hated wearing it on my ar ... Read on »
My To-Don’t List – Mindset Makeover Technique by Alexandra Jamieson I’ll be 40 in 4 days… And what I hear from so many women, both older + younger, is that they want to feel like they’re living their own lives. And that too often w ... Read on »
Worth A Read by Sara T image source For the past couple of years, I’ve taken a break from BRCA talk. I had my phase one surgeries almost 4 years ago now and I have at least a few years u ... Read on »