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Nerve block #83747474838229 by Esther I posted this on Facebook today: Some cultures are superstitious about the number 4 because it is a homophone of "death" in their languages. Yesterday I had the 4th ri ... Read on »
What is Vulvodynia? The International Consensus Conference on Vulvodynia Nomenclature by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Stephanie Prendergast What is Vulvodynia? Is it a symptom, a disease, or a syndrome? What does the term ‘Vuvlodynia’ mean to people with vulvar pain, pelvic pain specia ... Read on »
Kale Greens Carrot Apple Smoothie by NubianFitnessGoddess Today I am drinking three of these Green Smoothies to cleanse my colon and bring my stomach back down. This past week I binged on Matt's Chocolate Chip, Oat ... Read on »
Is it still Prostatitis if my cultures are negative? by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer   By Malinda Wright Chronic Prostatitis! It’s not something discussed at a baseball game or at a family gathering. However, it is estimated that between 2-14% of men world ... Read on »
Ending Kegel Confusion: Here’s What You Need to Know by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer   By Allison Romero I recently had the opportunity to get together with a group of moms through the Holistic Moms Network (HMN) in Fremont, CA. I had put together a talk o ... Read on »
A sort of PTSD by Esther I mentioned in passing a while ago that I feel like I have a sort of post-traumatic stress disorder about my pain.  I don't know if PTSD is the right category for it, but it ... Read on »
34 Body Scan Meditation for Stress – What our Bodies are Really Saying by Alexandra Jamieson Are you struggling with digestion or stress? Well you’re not alone. Today I’m going to walk you through a technique which I usually teach in my Cravings Clean ... Read on »
Get to know your Vulva: A Guide to Self Examination by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Rachel Gelman, DPT “ Let’s just start with the word vagina. Vagina. It sounds like an infection at best. Maybe a medical instrument. ‘Hurry, nurse, bring me the vagina. ... Read on »
Cast Free, well sort of by runnermaybe I can't believe I forgot to write about this. I didn't forgot, just every time I sat down nothing came out. And then I got sick, yes all of last week was spent miserable. ... Read on »