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Recurrent Miscarriages: Is It A Hormonal Issue? by Edward Ramirez, MD Question: Dear Dr. Ramirez, I am writing from Pennsylvania. In 2006, I had two or three miscarriages.  After that, I went to a fertility clinic and had TSH, prol ... Read on »
Hotel at Semarang aside from AccommodationCiput by moncler-pascher Hotel at Semarang aside from Accommodation Ciputra Resort in Semarang is among the prominent Motels in Semarang in Indonesia. The Positioning of Ciputra Lodge in Semarang is ... Read on »
Plyometric Training for Dancers by Nikol Klein Patient Expert If you are a dancer who is looking to improve your jumps and stamina, plyometric training could be right up your alley. While there are many beneficial plyometri ... Read on »
Hits it pretty girl Chi flat ironThe new models by Lo V. Facebook Hits it pretty girl Chi flat iron The new models are furnished with ease to style and accomplish different hairstyles in a flashing speed. The variable temperatures make them ... Read on »
Weekend Update by runnermaybe Random list of updates Friday after trying to force myself to workout, after being so proud that I did something on the days I was sick I broke my workout streak. It en ... Read on »
Fall Running by runnermaybe I was doing some online shopping the past couple of days, since I was feeling crappy and not wanting to workout. Of course, I went to my favorite online store to see what ... Read on »
Spotlight Saturday by runnermaybe Try 3 incredible Pampering Products for just $19. Trade your current soap, lip balm, and hand crème and try Perfectly Posh. We use natural butters, oils, and o ... Read on »
How to Fix a Diastasis Recti by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Malinda Wright Most women seem to accept that pregnancy/childbirth changes their bodies. But, what many don’t realize is that some of these changes can be fixed. One of ... Read on »
Losing friends in mid-life... by Andrea Patient Expert This is a story worth reading . I had a very bad experience several years ago with some women that I thought were friends (they weren't, they were just using me as a taxi ... Read on »