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ghd outlet that worked for me by Lo V. Facebook    ghd outlet that worked for me Believe it or not, I have to turn to the internet this week for my information cheap ghd straighteners. Since i not a woodwind instrument ... Read on »
Crossroads 2014 Annual Giving Campaign: Together We Will Save Lives by crossroads Patient Expert “As many times as I wanted to leave, I was talked ‘back to reality’. I am forever thankful.  This place and the entire community saved my life. I’m forever thankf ... Read on »
Rookie mistake by runnermaybe Monday, I went out for a run and grabbed my Garmin. I figured I was only going 2.5 miles, but I might as well start using it. I went on my local path which is flat and allow ... Read on »
Prom is probably one of the most memorable moments of any teenager’s life by promlili Prom is probably one of the most memorable moments of any teenager’s life, and if you want to be the girl that everyone remembers, you must choose the right dress. Oftentime ... Read on »
Must See: Fed Up by Sara T I love Dr. Mark Hyman’s message . His book,  The Blood Sugar Solution was the guide that got me off sugar and processed food.  I am very much looking forward to th ... Read on »
3 Ways We’re Hurting Our Hormones + How To Fix It by Alexandra Jamieson Balance. If you’re like me, you strive for it daily.  If you were one of those carpenter levels, with the yellow liquid and floating bubble dancing between two ... Read on »
She's baaack..... by Andrea Patient Expert Hi everyone, I am back from  my latest round of orthopedic surgery (see posts below for the full story).  I'm feeling better each day, the arm aches but it's not intolerabl ... Read on »
Some Inspiration To Eat A Salad by Sara T Every time I’m bummed that I’m not eating grilled cheese (it happens more often than I would like, I am only human), all it takes is a story like this to snap me ... Read on »
3 Ingredient Natural Deodorant by Sara T I call this deodorant but it’s really my go to powder for so many things.  I use it as dry shampoo.  I use it as a shoe deodorizer.  I use it on my dogs in between baths ... Read on »
Sleep Training Hell by runnermaybe I feel off blogging and all things fitness last week as we entered the dreaded sleep training hell. My kiddo is 8.5 months and has spent more time then I would like sleeping ... Read on »