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The Shepod: A Man Bun Is A Red Flag by Sara T Happy October! In this fall brunch, the ladies discuss their shared love for themed workouts, Rachael can’t quit popcorn, and Sara is overwhelmed by hummus. SUVs a ... Read on »
Happy birthday, vulvodynia by Esther This is how living with vulvodynia feels I'm finding it hard to deal with vulvodynia without blogging. I live alone so I can't turn and say OW when I want to be hea ... Read on »
Viagra for Women? by Dr Nicoll You may have seen the headlines about a new medication hitting the market. Flibanserin , trade named Addyi , has been hailed as ‘female Viagra’, the ‘little blue ... Read on »
New Classification System for Persistent Vulvar Pain by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer             By Stephanie Prendergast   In a previous blog post  I described my experience while participating in an International Nomenclature Consensus Conference. As you ... Read on »
The Shepod: I Think You Should Do ALL Things In Booty Shorts by Sara T 2 7 Check out the latest episode of The Shepod ! Actress and dancer Chelsea Latimer joins the ladies to chat daybreaking, exit strategies, and the age-appropriate w ... Read on »
Foreskin or No Skin? Let’s Talk About Circumcision by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Rachel Gelman In my previous post I talked about the anatomy of the male pelvic floor. The blog stirred up a lot of conversation among readers, with many requesting a p ... Read on »
Tinker's Creek by Esther I am a girl. Appropriately, I throw like one. I pick up rocks along Tinker's Creek and throw them upriver. I try to get them past a large rock in the rapids, "the goal." ... Read on »
The Shepod: Channing Tatum Is A Handsome, Cut, Thumb by Sara T Check out the latest episode of The Shepod ! This Sunday, comedian Taylor Tomlinson joins the ladies to chat phone anxiety, comfy flats, and a love for all things T ... Read on »
Yoga Poses for Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Casie Danenhauer Over the last year I’ve had the joy of creating a yoga-based physical therapy intervention program for our patients with pelvic pain.  I have also had ... Read on »
The Shepod: Even Rich People Get Pooped On by Sara T Check out the latest episode of The Shepod ! September brunch has arrived as the ladies break down crazy dog-lady outfits, debate the appeal of Jeff Goldblum, a ... Read on »