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Best Anti-Aging Product for all Skins by anginaberryz "The wrinkled signs on the face are the test of time," says Maurizio Brasini, lecturer in psychotherapy and theory of change at the University of L'Aquila. "They are cultura ... Read on »
Get the DL on L&D: What you really need to know about Labor and Delivery by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer     “Why don’t you try squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of an opening the size of a lemon and see how hot YOU look?” –Look Who’s Talking   By Melinda Fonta ... Read on »
The Shepod: Forget Flowers, Send Cheese by Sara T Startup veteran Vanessa Carbajal joins the ladies for a shame-inducing brunch featuring frozen pizza, subscription boxes, and (many) entire bottles of wine. Sara f ... Read on »
It’s National Bladder Health Week! by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer   By Allison Romero   It’s National Bladder Health Week and we want to dedicate this blog post to our favorite (and only) urine collecting organ! The bladder is a vessel t ... Read on »
The Shepod: I Don’t Need A Panic Room, I Have IKEA by Sara T The leaves are a changin’ in this November brunch as the ladies chat pickled delights, Ladies of London, and the pitfalls of a workout onesie. Sara appreciates IKE ... Read on »
Probiotics & Pelvic Pain by Esther An anonymous commenter left the following comment on a post I wrote about the probiotic VSL #3 << By the way I am male and have had similar issues from taking CytoFlora ... Read on »
Taking a Closer Look at IPPS 2015 by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Gabriella Chavarin   As you may have noticed, IPPS is a pretty big deal around here. Every year, our PHRC physical therapists attend the International Pelvic Pain Socie ... Read on »
Woman With Endometriosis Failed IVF Cycle: Poor Egg Quality? Age Issue? PGS? by Edward Ramirez, MD                                                                                                                                                      Question: I am 38 year ... Read on »
The Shepod: There’s A Special Quality To Elevator Farts by Sara T Check out the latest episode of The Shepod! Tacos from a truck take center stage as celebrity makeup artist Emily Oliver joins the ladies for a very special Hallowe ... Read on »
Pudendal Neuralgia Series 1: Interdisciplinary Conversations from IPPS 2015 by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer   By Stephanie Prendergast   Pudendal Neuralgia seems to be a diagnosis that is more polarized and controversial than other pelvic pain diagnoses. Why? Over a series of po ... Read on »