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Write it, Don’t Eat it: Gratitude Adjustment by Alexandra Jamieson Day 4 of the Mindset Makeover! I’m sharing some of the best Positive Psychology tools for 7-days to help you experience your greatness, and to feel that  you are worth ... Read on »
23 Esther Blum – The Importance of Saying No to Guilt, Shame & Fear around Food by Alexandra Jamieson Diet culture leads us to name how we eat, join eating plans and wear shirts declaring our positions. Is all of this really helping us? Is it helping our bodies or  ... Read on »
Should I give Acupuncture a Try? by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Guest Blogger Michael Yang If you haven’t tried acupuncture/dry needling for your pain, you may be missing out on a safe and often effective treatment. In this blog pos ... Read on »
Do your friends help your health + body goals? 8 traits to look for by Alexandra Jamieson My marriage didn’t support me in being healthy or feeling safe. The people in my “dietary community” weren’t thrilled when my diet changed – and I lost a few good friends ... Read on »
Our Blog Has Moved! by Nikol Klein Patient Expert We are excited to announce that with the launch of the new, our Ballet Skills blog has moved! Now you can get all of our helpful free blog tip ... Read on »
Get more AWE some: 3 ways to add more AWE by Alexandra Jamieson I used to use food as an escape from boredom, stress + life. Who hasn’t? Instead of falling into those thinking traps, I now look for ways to step into “AWE” mo ... Read on »
Does how you think matter as much as what you eat? by Alexandra Jamieson Short answer: Yes. Our thoughts, experiences, and emotions make as much of an impact on our health and weight as what we eat. I know a lot of you have made New Yea ... Read on »
Women’s magazines + the Diet Industrial Complex by Alexandra Jamieson Women’s magazines are a big part of what I’m calling the “diet industrial complex,” the overlap of media, food, and health experts that have set us up to be totally body a ... Read on »
My Interview with @SexWithEmily on “Men & Meatballs” (AKA Women, Food, And Desire) by Alexandra Jamieson The HOT and FUN interview on cravings, Women Food And Desire, and the connection between food cravings and sexual desire   My favorite interview yet! Click here ... Read on »
22 Jennifer Giannettoni – Overcoming Food Addictions & Understanding Your Cravings by Alexandra Jamieson Today, I wanted to do something different with these questions you’ve all been sending me. So I’ve bought in my good friend Jennifer Giannettoni as a co-host. Jenn ... Read on »