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An open letter to Dairy by Alexandra Jamieson Dear DAIRY, I love you. I crave you. You’re creamy, fatty, and often sweet or salty, which just makes me love you more. When you’re mixed with salty niblets like pre ... Read on »
Waterfall charts in SQL exposure ServicesRecent by Lo V. Facebook Waterfall charts in SQL exposure Services Recently we completed a project to build a KPI dashboard for a large Australian organization to show certain performance measures fo ... Read on »
Eat THIS when you crave THAT – Cravings Swap chart! by Alexandra Jamieson Don’t you sometimes wish you knew what to eat to give your body what it REALLY needed?  In my work around cravings, I’ve discovered that there are three root causes ... Read on »
Week 2 Recap vlog style - PTF by runnermaybe I hate doing video's and I have no make up and remember my baby does not sleep through the night. So this is me, unedited and only took two attempts.  ENJOY! ... Read on »
Maine, Summer Camp Re-envisioned by crossroads Patient Expert Polly Haight Frawley, COO and Project Director of Crossroads’ $1.5 M federal SAMHSA grant for residential substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum wom ... Read on »
Style By Jewels With Fragments by Sara T I am fairly particular about my jewelry. My husband and I have a deal where he doesn’t buy me jewelry, and he doesn’t object when I buy it for myself (provided the cost ... Read on »
Hydration for Dancers by Nikol Klein Patient Expert If you are dancing for long periods of time, it is important to replace the fluids lost from sweating. If you become dehydrated while dancing, especially in the ... Read on »
Recipe: Brown Rice Sushi Bowls by Sara T I really love sushi but if I ate it every time I was craving it, I would go broke. So when the husband and I are feeling like sushi but don’t want to go crazy spending, ... Read on »
How do you manage cravings? by Alexandra Jamieson I was recently asked where cravings come from, and how to “fix” them. I thought it was interesting to be asked to fix something that I don’t think is broken. See, ... Read on »
TripleT by runnermaybe 1. Diet and exercise are on point.  I had one of the best meals yet it Personal Trainer Food yesterday.  Chicken teriyaki - it was sooooo good. I wanted to dig through my fr ... Read on »