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Overcoming My Fear of Becoming A Zumba Instructor by NubianFitnessGoddess Janice with Jani Roberts ZUMBA Basic Level 1 Instructor Training October 13 2011 Jani Roberts asks participants to share their weight loss s ... Read on »
New Episode Of The Shepod: I Just Heard The Door Shut Behind Our Five Male Listeners by Sara T Check out the latest episode of The Shepod ! The riotously funny Jessica Michelle Singleton joins the ladies for brunch to chat about her upcoming comedy album she may o ... Read on »
I AM A ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR! I AM ZIN! June 2015 by NubianFitnessGoddess Selfie with ZUMBA Jeanna Bostic ZUMBA Instructors Certified by Jenna Bostic Jenna Bostic teaches choreography to Zumba Studen ... Read on »
Life After Cancer: The Role of Pelvic Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Malinda Wright Every year over 70,000 American women are diagnosed with gynecological cancer, according to the CDC. A diagnosis of gynecological cancer can be devastati ... Read on »
Our Trip to South Africa: A Guide / Novel by Sara T It’s been proven over and over that things do not make us happy, rather experiences do . The fact that you can look forward to an experience, enjoy that experience, and ... Read on »
New Episode Of The Shepod: Go Sportsball! by Sara T Check out the latest episode of The Shepod ! The ladies recount the story of how they met, bond over their hatred of car maintenance, and admire foster parents for dogs ... Read on »
IBS IBS IBS IBS IBS by Esther When I was in college, I had EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA.  When you're a freshman with explosive diarrhea living in a coed dorm, 1) You think explosive diarrhea is totally not abn ... Read on »
Part 2: A Patient’s Journey: How Mindful Meditation Can Heal Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer By Casie Danenhauer Last week we began a case study review about Kelly. As you may recall, we discussed Kelly’s two year history of pelvic pain and my evaluation (here’s P ... Read on »
Day 5 & 6 by runnermaybe Monday was Day 5 and the weigh in day. I am down 2lbs, but I am trying not think about that and just keep focusing on eating and getting in the workouts. The workout for ... Read on »
New Episode of Sara & Steve Hate People: Journalists by Sara T Check out the latest episode of Sara & Steve Hate People ! From the muckrakers to the blog-fakers, Sara and Steve decry the current state of journalism – and hope t ... Read on »