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I Made A Coffee Table That Everyone Else On The Internet Has Already Made by Sara T My design philosophy in this house has been cheap, dog-friendly (see: cheap), minimalist, modern, and using what’s available as much as possible. Our last place was a re ... Read on »
5 Bouclé Jackets Under $50 by Sara T Blazer In Pastel Striped Bouclé ($45.48) Two-Tone Bouclé Topcoat  ($39.90) Bouclé Knit Jacket ($45.90) Knit Cardigan ($39.95) Bouclé Cardigan  ($ ... Read on »
Hot Water Is Overrated by Sara T It’s never the right time to get a dog. Or have a kid. Or have your water heater die. I really thought we were taking a break from home renovations. And then, the da ... Read on »
I Painted The Inside Of My Coat Closet And Now I Can’t Find My Coats by Sara T Unlike the linen closet and the pantry , the coat closet was fairly usable and not disgusting when we moved in. Sure it had chipped paint, and dirt that wouldn’t budge e ... Read on »
Comparison kills joy – be you, honey. by Alexandra Jamieson I’ll tell you the same thing I would tell Renee Zellwegger if I were ever to meet her: Don’t waste one ounce of your precious time or mojo by giving a crap about what ... Read on »
5 Striped Blazers Under $40 by Sara T Striped Open-Front Blazer ($29.80) Black Striped Short Jacket ($39.95) Gray Stripe Classic Blazer ($39.00) Ponte Blazer ($34.99) Mariner Ponte Kni ... Read on »
How to make Eggshell Calcium: Cheap Calcium Supplement = PMS sugar craving reducer? by Alexandra Jamieson PMS make you crave chocolate and sugar? What if you could ease your PMS with something you probably throw away every day? I love discovering new ways to use ... Read on »
Roundup: What Top Pelvic Health Bloggers are Talking About by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer A gyno’s ad for Viagra; lessons about life with pelvic pain; overcoming treatment roadblocks; and “vagina therapy”: these are among the blog posts that some of our favorit ... Read on »
TRX Core Workout by Nikol Klein Patient Expert I’m super excited to share three of my favorite core conditioning exercises utilizing the TRX suspension trainer with you! All you need is a suspension trainer – any will ... Read on »
Should I go to Ballet When I’m Sick? by Nikol Klein Patient Expert There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a sore throat and a full day of rehearsals ahead of you. No matter how healthy you are it is inevitable ... Read on »