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Your Voice versus Electronics

Posted Oct 20 2008 10:35pm
My daughter is off at college and just never seems to have time to call, email etc. I asked her the other day, if I text message you, will you reply? She said "yes".

Well, I just have not had time to figure that out. That is my next electronic goal, but you know, no type of electronic communication will ever take the place of a person's voice.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Internet, email etc. With such a busy life, it makes things so fast. But many times, after the fifth email of trying to understand what another person is communicating, I pick up the phone. Talking with a person is so rich and can tell you so much more and can clarify so much more.

Just like hearing my daughter's voice. When she does call me, and believe me it is rare, I know it is her by the caller ID. As a mother, my first reaction is, "I pray she is o.k." Then when I answer the phone, I can tell instantly by the sound of her voice and what she says if things are o.k. There is that "I need money" voice, there is that "you weren't available when I called earlier" voice, and that "hey, just calling voice." Is it female or a mother's intuition? I don't know, but hearing a person's voice is so important to me.

My best friend and I email everyday. But nothing takes the place of her and I sitting around having a glass of wine and talking. We solve so many ills of the world that way and grow even closer. Laughing and sharing our thoughts, worries and hopes is so much fun. Electronic communications is fine, but just for messages, set a date for meeting etc.
If you really want to connect with a person, talk to them.

I have found that many people are so busy that if you ask them more than one question in an email, forget it. They will miss much of the message, they will focus on one question, and answer it, go on to the next email. And the stream of emails begins to get the answers to all my questions.

Relationships are ruined by emails, people are misunderstood. Or people can be just cruel in an email. But discussing in person can result in a very different outcome.

I love email, but I love my sister's voice, my mom's, my husband's, my granddaughter's sweet voice and so many others. Conversation is such an enjoyment and a much better way to connect to others. Heaing the voice of someone you care about can just brighten your day, it does mine.

Again, if my daughter is reading this, phone home! I just want to hear your voice!
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