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"Your baby will never come out vaginally"

Posted Aug 11 2009 10:36am
I can't tell you how many times I've heard this, or something very similar to this statement. Great way to set up those negative thoughts into a laboring woman's head. Makes it harder for her to deal with her labor pains, knowing that the almighty doctor said that she can't do it vaginally.

Oh how sweet it is, when I can help a woman overcome this negativity, and encourage her in her wonderful progress with her labor. It's even more rewarding (both for her, and for me) when she does progress and give birth vaginally!

Yeah, had one of those births recently. Lovely first time mother (couple) was laboring along beautifully. Doc tells her he doesn't think she's going to be able to deliver vaginally: "the baby is too big, and your pelvis is too small". Yes, her vaginal introitus was very tight, but then again, your fingers are awfully huge. Your demeanor during cervical exams leaves a lot to be desired. How is it that I am able to help her relax more with cervical exams that I perform, and find that her "tight pelvis" is really vaginal muscles that are tight from anxiety? Oh yes, and I am able to help her be more in tune with her body, and relax those vaginal wall muscles.

By the way, nothing wrong with having tight vaginal wall muscles, or a tight perineum. Personally, I wish my muscles were tighter - maybe then I wouldn't have issues with "leakage". TMI, I know.

Her "big baby" turned out to be average - about 8 lbs. Her "tight pelvis" and "tight vaginal introitus" seemed to do perfectly fine when she pushed out her "big baby".

C-section averted.
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