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Work, school, babies, work, school, babies, repeat

Posted Jun 06 2010 7:28pm
I promise you, I have not dropped off the face of the planet. I have been either working or focusing on school work in the past two weeks. It seems like I'm working almost every day -- I know I'm not, but it sure feels that way.

And it has been B-U-S-Y almost every single shift I'm at work. Crazy busy, as I say. Babies left and right. Literally no time to pee or drink some days!

We have a new charge sheet at work. It's driving all of the nurses nuts. We used to have a pretty straight forward global type of charge system, but our nurse manager (and whomever else thought of it........ugh) created a new charge system where we have to account for every single injection, IV push, IV piggyback, every hour of IV fluids run (for each and every fluid), blah blah blah. I understand the basis for it. The unit needs to generate more revenue. To generate more revenue, we have to charge more. Granted, insurance companies may not PAY more for the services, but I can see how the unit has to at least try. "Supposedly" we are not a money maker for the hospital. I don't see how. We are definitely busy enough! It's probably a poor reimbursement thing. However, I don't see how making nurses do even more accounting for every little thing that we do is going to help the situation. As it stands, we have to double and triple chart almost every single thing we do. It's crazy.

We are continuously being told how much in $$$ that we miss as a unit in charges per week/per month. Well, at least it's being caught by someone, right? Try getting all 60+ nurses on board at the same time for a new charge system........oh what fun. Needless to say, it's not going over well at all.

Moving on...........

I had a first time mom that I wasn't sure was going to be able to dilate her cervix due to prior surgical procedures done on it. Lo and behold, she did, when I came back the next day! I was so happy for her!! Pushing was a very long stage too. Nothing was coming easy for this poor woman. Baby was in a ROP position, then I was able to get baby to rotate as far as an ROT position. Then the little bugger just didn't budge. It was the end of my shift when she was still pushing. I hope she was able to rotate the baby more, or else I am willing to bet that she ended up with a c-section. Bummer. I really tried my best with positioning and supportive measures to get her baby to rotate. It usually works too. But some babies, well, they just won't rotate for *some* reason or other. Sometimes they're truly too big to fit through the pelvis. Sometimes they have a triple nuchal cord that is holding them back. Sometimes, we never know.

School, school, school! Only 2-ish weeks left of this term. I will be so happy to be done with my Theory course. Truly. Those of you who feel my pain, raise your hand.

I like the Decision Making course, but I'm glad it will be done soon too. One last project I'm working on, and that course is DONE.

Next term, which starts July 5th, I'm taking Reproductive Physiology (woohoo!!) and Research (Boo! Hiss!). In the fall, I'm taking Pharmacology (woohoo!) and Community Assessment (hopefully, a no-brainer type of course......pretty please!)

Winter 2011 term I'll be taking Antepartum 1, a huge, 6 credit course - hurray for the meat and potatoes courses!!!!! Bring them on!!!!
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