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With all the running around I do ...

Posted Aug 14 2008 10:25am
As I was driving home Friday afternoon, my mind was wondering over some past and future events and, as so often I do, my thoughts led to something totally off the topic. I was thinking how busy I am, how I am always running around involved in something, and I thought "with all the running around I do, you would think my pants wouldn't be so tight!"

Like so many women my age I am fighting the battle of weight gain. It is not like I do nothing and the cause is inactivity etc. My life is quite the opposite. I am constantly going someplace, juggling a busy schedule etc. But now I also have to juggle the dilema of what pants fit this week!!! My choices of late are getting smaller and smaller.

Thinking about this issue, I had to admit to myself, my eating habits have probably contibuted to this problem.

One thing that really impacts my eating habits, and in turn the number of pants in my closet that fit, is this busy lifestyle. I don't ' like to cook and when I am running (busy I mean, I hate to RUN), the last thing I want to do is cook. So I have found myself eating fast food more ( yuck ) and snacking for meals at home. I know, not good and not good for my pants issues.

So today is the first day of my eating better pledge. I guess as long as I at least have this on my mind and make a better effort it will help. At least I can tell myself that. What I know I need to do is exercise more. But like I said, I am running around all the time doing so much, it s difficult to actually find time to exercise. But yesterday I actually put in my 2 mile walking DVD and did that program. Proud of me!!

So here's to all the busy women I know. Take time for yourself, eat better today and hopefully more pants in the crowded closet will fit!!!
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