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Will a burst Bartholin Gland Abcess leave a sore?

Posted by LisaT

If I had an undiagnosed Bartholin Gland Cyst/Abcess, that then ruptured would I have a small sore in the same a lesion/canker?  I'm 43 and have been married for 20 years, I don't think my husband has given me a STD but, I do suffer from cold sores when I am run down or emotionally/physically drained and I most certainly  have had 2 weeks of that. I am careful to wash my hands if I have an active cold sore on my mouth and my spouse and I do not kiss when I am experiencing and outbreak.  I also experienced flu-like symptoms last week but so have so many other people I've been around. On Friday I found what I thought was a bump (pea sized) but also a small bit of skin which had sloughed off the area.  I only experienced a mild discomfort but now that I am self-treating it (warm salt baths & bacitracin) it seems to be more uncomfortable but there is no longer a lump that I can tell.  If I had an Bartholin Abcess that ruptured, would it leave a sore behind?  Also, I forgot to mention that I do seem to have some tendernous closer to the area of my urethral opening (sensitive to wipe after urination) and I do seem to have a bit of discharge from my vagina (white-ish and goo-like as with past yeast infections..only mildly itchy).  Again, in past history, I've known to get yeast infections with emotional and physical fatigue/anxiety.
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