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Why you should celebrate the success of others

Posted Jul 16 2012 9:20am
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Our egos can be a good and bad thing. On the one hand, it helps us to become a confident and well-adjusted person. Uncontrolled, it can consume us with pettiness, jealousy and arrogance. I've observed many people complain (passive-aggressively of course) about "haters". Do they really have "haters", or is it more likely people don't really care what they're doing? Probably both. Are there really people out there being sneaky and copying everything you do - or do you serve as an inspiration for them. Probably both. Who knows and who cares. Don't let yourself be consumed with things out of your control. Don't worry that if x, y and z are all succeeding, that it takes away from what you want also. Don't listen to the voice that says there is only room for one person at the top. False. The times when new and greater opportunities of success have opened to me, were not only when I took a leap of faith into the unknown, but also when I truly celebrated the success of others. It was like I had turned the corner and told the Universe that I believed there were enough blessings to go around, and I was now ready to receive mine.

My Motivation Monday theme for the week is to genuinely celebrate the success of others. Use their success as motivation to push you to go out and chase all of your dreams.

Have a great week.
xoxo Helen
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