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Why use Display Stands

Posted Oct 15 2012 8:57am

It seems incredible that people still question the role thatdisplay standsplay in any exposition or trade show. They are seen as being glossy, ostentatious and unnecessary. A waste of money and effort on something that has little value when a company is trying to sell their wares.


Instead, display stands are an excellent display method that can help your products to stand out from your competitors. There are many different types of display stand. The simplest versions do little more that hold posters, signs, and flat advertisements upright on a table. More complex stands sit on the ground, and can support materials of varying heights and proportions. Some of the most advanced display stands incorporate new technology, supporting digital signs and promotions on plasma screens. Many people say display stands are important to business, while some people do not believe that, why display stands are important to business? You will know after reading this article.


As display stands are relatively inexpensive, and come in a whole variety of sizes and shapes, you have no excuse not to go out and buy some. You need to choose a display stand that is representative of what your company is trying to sell. With such a large choice available, you may not be able to pick only one. This is great, as you are likely to need more than just one display stand to get you noticed at a trade fair.Pop-up displaystands are the most popular because they offer the most benefits. They are light, meaning that they are easy to install at any venue and there are no difficulties transporting them. This allows a company to swiftly move from place to place, ensuring a prominent position at any exposition. It is also a good idea to have your company logo emblazoned on the display stand, as this provides you with the aforementioned unique touch.


Attracting New Clients - Display stands are unquestionably one of a company's most valuable tools when it comes to attracting new clients. Display stands will attract attention from foot traffic and once they've been enticed, it is likely that they will enquire further which can then be converted into a sale.


Display stands in conjunction with exhibition stands are an extremely viable point of sale solution. They can be deployed on busy high streets or at trade shows and considerable amounts of business and sales have been generated by display stands in the past years and this is a trend which will continue in the coming years.


A trade show is a good place to see many different kinds of display stand. When companies visit trade shows, they are usually intending to market their brand and make an impression on potential clients and customers. This often involves more than a poster or literature stand.

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