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Why no menses for a year?

Posted by mel Facebook

Before I got married, my menses had been irregular. Sometimes it's 2 months late. After married with 1 child, my menses would be 6-8 months late. But after checking with the kit on my own and seeing 2 doctors, it was confirmed that i was not pregnant. But both doctors from different clinics gave me this small, white pill (cldnt remember the name) for me to take it for a week and my menses would come after that. But the following month, my menses did not come again with the same period of time. My last menses was in November 2010. From that year till now, Feb 2012, my menses did not come. What could be wrong? Do I have to depend on those pills every month?
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Maybe I misread, but I'm going to assume that you're not close to the typical age of menopause, eg mid-late 40s, in which we might expect irregular menses consistent with onset of menopause.


However, life in the form of childbirth, weight changes, stress, and aging, can often lead to alterations in your hormonal balance & cycle such that women are no longer as regular as they might have been in the past.  Conversely, some women become more regular w/time.  For women in the former situation, medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), which is commonly sold as Provera, is often used to induce a withdrawal bleed.  It's hoped that these women will only need it once or twice but some do need to take it more often.  As an option, birth control works wonderfully in regulating one's menstrual cycle but at the expense of fertility.  Assuming that you want a 2nd child (and more?), you're most likely left w/MPA.  Good luck!

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