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Why I want to be a midwife -- the full of sarcasm list

Posted Jan 11 2009 3:00pm
I was talking with another nurse-midwife student, and we were coming up with some very interesting -- sarcastic -- reasons why we want to be midwives. No offense meant in this list!!!

  • Getting a shiny new pager
  • Long on call hours
  • Bed-head at 3am
  • The prestige!
  • The high pay!
  • The ability to enjoy various bodily fluids 24/7
  • Nothing better than meconium on your scrubs - green is such a becoming color!
  • More student loans then you could ever imagine!
  • Middle of the night phone calls - who doesn't love to talk about mucous plugs at 2am?
  • Being able to wear your pajamas at work (ok, I admit, I do love this part!)
  • The ability to talk about vomit/stool/urine/blood while eating dinner, and grossing everyone else out at the table
  • Arguing with doctors!
  • High epidural rates! (I did mention sarcasm......)
  • No time for family and friends - who needs them anyway? (remember dear readers...sarcasm here!)
  • Alienating your nursing co-workers!
  • Bucking the system! (oh wait, this is not a sarcastic reason....)
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