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why have i had my period for 9 days?

Posted by britt89x

My period usually lasts a full 7 days, the last 1 or 2 days i will have a brown like discharge. But, I started my period on april 26th. Usually I use a pad for when i am going to sleep, this time i did, but when i woke up there was no blood and i left them on all day and barely had any discharge at all. I usually have a normal-heavy flow for 5 days. The only time i really saw blood was when i had a tampon in, or when i had pooped. After 3-4 days, i got a little brown discharge when i wiped or on my tampon, than i started bleeding again and it kept alternating between the brown discharge, and the bloody discharge. well, it is tuesday May, 5th & i am still bleeding, but it is sortof dark blood only when i poop or put a tampon in, and if i dont use anything, it comes out maybe once a day, the brownish discharge or the blood will just fall out. any suggestions?.. I am calling my primary health care doctor today, but i just wanted another opinion before.

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i am having the same thing ....hopefull someone responds to this
I am having the same thing also i dnt understand why????????????? and I think my fiancee thinks am a wiredoooo or not normal....
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