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Why does my mom wake up feeling dizzy in the morning which leads to vomiting all day and night?

Posted by otjenn

Hi there, I am hoping someone can give me some kind of an answer or a lead to something.  My mom is 57 years old and she woke up a couple days ago feeling really dizzy.  She felt fine the night before but in the morning as soon as she opened her eyes the room started spinning (she hadn't even sat up from her bed).  About 30 mins lately she vomited and continued vomiting all day and night.  She does have high blood pressure which she is on medication for and has had the same medication for years.  This has only happened to her once before (January 2009).  The last time this happened to her she went to the emergency and all they did was give her advil and ibuoprofen.  She made an appointment to go see her family doctor a few days later and all he did was tell her to keeping taking her blood pressure medication as her bp was slightly elevated.  Is there anything I could ask my mom to ask her doctor if she was to go see her doctor?  Anything my mom can ask her doctor to test for?  My mom is very nervous about waking up every morning..afraid to open her eyes.  It is breaking my heart seeing her worry so much.  If anyone can help, give some answers as to what this can be or anything that might be helpful it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
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Does she have any ringing in her ears or fullness in one or both ears?  If so she could have a fluid imbalance in her inner ear.  that would cause attacks like this.  I know from personal experience.
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