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why does it hurt while i urinate and why does blood come out towards the end of urinating?

Posted by becca

The region just before my pubic bone hurts when I urinate and my urine smells really bad, it smells kind of like chicken lever, I ate it recently so I know what it smells like. It’s also cloudy, and blood (sometimes big lumps of clotted blood) comes out toward the end of my pee when I push hard to finish the pee and it hurts so bad. I also feel a frequent urge to urinate. I thought it was because my fiancée used his finger inside me since I was a virgin and he couldn’t penetrate. But it’s been one week since then, shouldn’t the wound have healed if I was hurt or if my hymen was broken during the fingering or could this be symptoms of some sort of infection? This problem started a day after the fingering. Please help! Thanks so much.

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