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Why do I have swelling of hands, rash on joints (knees, ankles, feet, ears, back of neck, & palms of hands) ??

Posted by BritB

I have swelling of hands, itchy blotchy rash on palms of hands that hurts underneath to scratch or rub. Rash on joints (wrist, elbows, knees, ankles, feet, ears, and back of neck) No fever or other symptoms that I am aware of. This all began yesterday morning (Fri) with rash on elbows, and a few blotchy bumps on knees, feet, and itchy ears, along with my left middle finger feeling a little swollen. Today I woke up with much swelling of (especially the left) hands and some swelling of the wrists (again, more so of the left) No swelling of other areas and no rash or itching on my trunk. Considered it being an allergic reaction, but have not been exposed to anything or eaten anything out of the ordinary that I am aware of. Gave birth 6 weeks ago and just had my follow up 6 week doc appt with my ob doc Thurs. She didn't notice anything unusual other than that I have a bacterial infection (prescribed me meds for this,though I have not picked them up or taken yet) Any idea what might be going on? I took 2 Benadryl earlier today. They seem to be helping with the swelling of hands and some of the rash on my left elbow but have not removed my symptoms completely. Any help or clues to what this may be?
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