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Why do I feel so awful about one week after I ovulate? I don't feel relief until my period starts. See details.

Posted by naykeia

A little after I ovulate (about one week) I start to have severe depression,terrible inflamed acne on my chin and cheeks, bloating, food cravings and binges, fatigue, and moodiness until my period.  Life feels hopeless.   The very day I start my period, the acne starts to subside, i start to feel energetic, happy again and normal.  I am 32 years old.  Does this sound like I could be progesterone dominant?  I also noticed in the last year or so I have sprouted four hairs on my chin.    I find this puzzling.  Most women i know feel worse during their period but for me my period spells relief.  I also do not cramp much during or before my period and never have.   Could anyone offer any insights?  How about any herbal or natural remedies?
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