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Why can women point their toes further than men?

Posted by Tek

I have noticed that--on average--women can point their feet and toes below the plane of the shin, even pulling their toes up 90 degrees while keeping their foot below that plane with great ease. Most men cannot even get their feet to flatten along that plane, much less point below it. Not even professional male ballet dancers.

And further more, the women who are capable of this have done so since birth. It is NOT a trait developed from limberness training or the wearing of high heeled shoes.

I'm just curious if this is a result of bone structure in the foot, or if most women who are capable of this are just born naturally more limber. If it's a limberness issue, one would assume that men can eventually train themselves to do it. If it's a result of bone structure...well, us guys are out of luck unless we want to do some major reconstructive bone surgery.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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