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Why Am I Not Having My Period?

Posted by jessy9809

usually i have my period regularly but latley its been goin on and off , like for a few months it will be normal and then it will skip a month , or be a few weeks late , i know im not pregnant . I just want to know why im having no signs of it coming at all . im still only 19 , ive had a baby when i was 16 . ever since then its been on and off . and since i know im not pregnant , i still someimes get light headed and dizzy , i feel really emotional sometimes to , can smeone help me , ive tryed getin doctors to understand my question and they always tell me nothing is wrong ... ??
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The good news is that "nothing is wrong".  I know it's irritating but it can take a while for your body to adjust and acclimatize and regulate its hormone balance.  I also know it's no comfort but some women never experience a regular cycle such that their menses are always a surprise. 


Having said that, weight change can affect your menstrual cycle.  So can thyroid function, either over or under active.  Stress can play a major part in altering your pituitary's hormonal response.  


How do you know that you're not pregnant?  In other words, what are you doing to prevent a second pregnancy?  If it's important to you to have regular menses, you might want to consider hormonal contraception, eg birth control pills or injectables/implantables, to help regulate your cycle.  


If you feel lightheaded & dizzy towards the end of your cycle, you might be anemic.  Best to check your blood pressure (laying down, sitting up & standing) and blood count to be sure you're not too low.  


As for feeling emotional, I think that's part of being 19yo and having a baby.  As long as you're not hearing voices telling you to hurt yourself or anyone else, you're fine.  If you do hear some voices telling you to hurt yourself or others, then you need to see you doctor and tell him/her immediately.  I'd consider this an emergency and want you evaluated immediately.


OK so that's probably more than you wanted to know.  Good luck!

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