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Why am I having such a difficult time with thyroid replacement therapy?

Posted by macymoodle

I am hypothyroid and have been taking armour thyroid(for about 3 months).  At first I felt great, but then started having heart palpitations and insomnia.  Sometimes at night, I wake up with my heart beating fast.  I feel as if I am going to have a panic attack.  My doctor has reduced the dosage to 15 mg, which is not much at all.  I started with 30 mg, and then went up to 60 mg.  A cortisol test I recently did showed my cortisol is low in the morning and high in the evening.  Could that also have something to do with it?  I am taking a supplement Adrenplus 300 to help with the adrenal issues.  It gets a little scarey!!  I also am on compounded estrogen and progesterone.
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