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Why am I experiencing prolonged fatigue and dizziness?

Posted by joyful08

This past weekend I drank quite a bit of alcohol. Yesterday morning I didn't feel hungover, instead I still felt a little silly and tipsy but I figured that would wear off. I continued to feel slightly dizzy and a little off balanced the rest of the day. Last night I had a runny nose and a sore throat, so I took some Nyquil to help me sleep. This morning when I woke up I felt even worse. I took some pain killers for the sore throat and drank lots of water to try to get rid of the dryness in my throat. I took my temperature and did not have a fever. I've been eating and drinking lots of water. The cold/flu symptoms have mostly cleared up (no more runny nose, and throat feels a little better) but I am still experiencing a lot of fatigue and for some reason am very dizzy even while sitting. Could this have something to do with the cold? Or is it possible it is something like a hangover?
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