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Why am I experiencing lower abdominal pain with a slight fever?

Posted by deservepreserves

I've been experiencing sharp pains in my lower abdomen the past three days. I've also had a slight fever of 99-100.5 degrees. When it first started I had immense pain in the middle of my back along with bad headaches. After sleeping for a whole day, my back pain subsided, and I'm feeling better. Except for the awful stomach pains that come at random or when I shift my weight suddenly. I've had loose bowel movements along with excessive gas. What could this be? I don't want to go to the doctor only to have them tell me I need to take some exlax or beano.
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A fever lasting three days or longer -- I'd call the doctor. Any time there's pain in the lower stomach and you're sexually active, you could consider an ectopic pregnancy (which could also explain the lower back pain). There's also the possibility of an appendicitis if the pain is on the right side of your lower abdomen.

That kind of pain is horrific. Because of what the pains could mean, I would call your doctor. Better to be safe than sorry!

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