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Who Do You Tell About Your Dreams?

Posted Oct 20 2008 10:35pm
I was a speaker at a local college today and had a great time. It is so nice to see young adults exploring the world, seeking information that may help them, and their interest in what others may have to say. It was fun talking to the students and other adults today. Today was worth taking a days vacation from my day job and volunteering at this local event. Giving back to the community is such a charge.

One comment that got a strong reaction from the crowd today was the one that there are many who will tell you your dream won't work or how you will not succeed. Those people you should never have coffee with twice! Everyone seemed to get the value in those words.

But you know, isn't it true. Those who tell us we won't succeed, we really should not seek their advise or company again. Because they will convince us not to try and not to go after those dreams. I know who those people are in my life, do you? I've learned who they are so well now, that I don't tell them my dreams at all. Why give them that power. I seek out those who will encourage me and believe in me, just as I believe in me.

It is sad that those who will tell you how you will not succeed are often those who love you very much, and they are doing this for your good! Ha. I think they are the ones who are afraid of trying something new and daring and don't want you or anyone else to attempt anything they would not. So stay away, don't tell them your dreams. There are those you can have coffee with, tell them about your dreams and you are safe. They will marvel at your ideas and encourage you to go for it! Have coffee with these people more than once, they are important.

I read a quote the other day, it said, "If you have the power to dream, you have the power to make that dream come true". What a great way of looking at your dreams and your goals. Be positive about what you want, believe in your dreams and choose carefully who you tell your dreams to.
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