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white cottage cheese discharge no odor help

Posted by elena89

i was having sex with my boyfriend and white cottage cheese like substance went all over his penis, not alot of it just a bit but i've never had this before, i have no ichyness burning or odor. i had a normal period although i lost my virginity less then a month ago. if anyone can help please write back.



thanks :]

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cottage cheese discharge can mean a yeast infection (thrush), go to your doctor to get some treatment, anyone can get infections like this so dont be embarassed, it's purely because the vaginal acids become out of balance, the reasons for this can be anything from having a menstral cycle, using the birth control pill, pregnancy, or some antibiotics, try to avoid washing with scented products, douching (washing the inside of the vagina with water which is not recommended anyway), avoud synthetic clothing, use cotton knickers, remove damp clothes and use sensitive or hypoallergenic products i.e. for a bath. Many women will get Thrush at least once in their lives.

Just another point to add which I'm sure you already do but make sure you always use a condom when having sex, you can use other contraceptive measures but remember only a condom can protect against sexually transmitted diseases and infections,most people dont even know they have infections or diseases so talk to your boyfriend about his history (i.e. inprotected sex) or just use a condom,its best to get tested really if he has had unprotected sex, and that goes for you too.

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