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Where is there a good female product for loss of libido?

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:41am
In the years I have been blogging about women's health issues, I have noticed a ton of really bad products in the market. There are fly by night quick rebilling offers all over the place, and a woman has to be very careful about who she orders from, and what she orders. I know many of the top listed stuff on search is just scam bait. However, that does not mean that they all are bad, and indeed there are a couple of great products offered by companies with good integrity that do provide what they promise.

By way of a recommendation, I am again talking about HerSolution and HerSolution Gel to help with the problem of loss of female libido. My wife has tested these 2 products, and in fact we ordered them both several months ago and she loves them (of course, if you understand this issue, I love them too). So here is just a short link and paragraph on each product for you to see and consider. I want you to know right up front that I am an affiliate of this company, but I am not being paid any money for this post on my blog. I just know they work for us, and that is my perspective on them.

HerSolution Gel- Devotees of HerSolution Gel are women who want only the verybest– the highest quality, the most exclusive, the finest that there is. They’d never, ever settle for a drugstore product or an artificial chemical-laced lube. Not ever. When it comes to this level of excellence, HerSolution Gel is the only possible choice.

You deserve the best. It simply goes without saying. HerSolution Gel contains pure, natural botanical essences, quality vitamins and nutrients, plus hand-selected soothing aloe, shea and cocoa butters.

HerSolution - Fatigue, 24/7 responsibility (never mind sticking to that healthy diet!) - Honey, it is hard enough putting on a happy face, much less getting yourself in 'the mood'. SURE you want it (don't you?) but there are only so many hours in the day, and where do those hours go? Not to mention those ongoing hormonal changes we ALL know about. I mean, is it any wonder so many women find their sex lives barely hanging on to life support? But never you mind. Because finally there's a product that helps women, in supplement form. This product combines with HerSolution Gel (above) for real success.

I truly wish I could offer some coupons or discounts on the price of these excellent products, but currently there are none available. Now we have not done this, but another customer I know also purchased GenFx for increasing her energy levels and substituted HerSolution supplements with it and has had very good success. So there is the recommendation in full.

Here are some testimonials from the HerSolution Gel site that might be of interest to you in deciding whether or not to investigate this product to help with female libido.

“A friend gave me HerSolution Gel™ just before my wedding. At first I thought she was just kidding around, you know, because people like to give you sexy gag gifts for the Big Night, right? Turns out, this was no joke! My husband and I had such a great time playing and experimenting with this gel! We discovered all sorts of new things. It was everything a honeymoon should be, and more than I ever imagined!”

- Ashleigh V.

"I have tried other of your products and have always been pleased, so when I saw this I had to give it a try. But I want you to know that I have never felt like I should write you before. Only this time I had to write you because I am so amazed. My husband is out of town right now, but HerSolution Gel™ is right here beside me and I have to tell you I cannot keep my hands off it. Does this make me weirdly obsessed? Maybe, but it's just so wonderful. This is the greatest product I have ever tried, and I just have to say thank you, you have totally opened me up. I am telling my girlfriends about this one, especially the uptight ones. They are going to be knocked out. I love this. Thank you!"

- Deanna K.

“Women are tough on themselves, no question. Weird how as time goes on, we just sort of lose that part of ourselves that used to be all about sex, attraction, and total feminine mystery, because we focus on what’s “wrong” with us or our bodies. That’s why this product means so much to me – I’ve gotten over the silly superficial obsessions, and re-discovered how hot I really am at the core. Amazing.”

- Birgitta D.

“The other lubes we’ve picked up at adult stores or wherever were always too sticky, too runny, didn’t last, or had some bizarre smell or flavor. Forget that! I’m done with the cheap stuff forever, and from now on HerSolution Gel™ is my lube of choice.”

- Eden M.

“I absolutely LOVE it when he puts a little right against my clit – better than oral.”

- Allison S.

“My husband was thrilled when I got HerSolution Gel™ – it showed him that I was the sexual creature he wants, because even after 11 years of marriage, I’m still looking for ways to have fun with him.”

- Sue C.

“For some women, menopause is a relatively brief phase. For me, the periomenopause and then full-blown menopause is like some major historical era. Seems it’s going on forever, with constantly changing hormone levels and completely unpredictable sex drive, bouts of vaginal dryness, inability to orgasm. It would have driven me insane if I hadn’t found HerSolution Gel™. Now I feel I have control over the hormone swings, an answer to the lubrication problem and a fast track to amazing orgasms.”

- Donna S.

“I feel pampered and cared for when I use a product as high-quality as this one. It really is like a super-sexy spa treatment product.”

- Lisa E.

“Our family never talked about sex. WAY too taboo! You just didn’t. But when I found HerSolution Gel™, I knew I was really on to something. Too good NOT to share, you know? I Just quietly slipped a tube to my sister last time I was there, never said a word. A few weeks later, she gives me this half-bashful, half-conspiratorial grin, and just says, ‘thanks for the present.’ So I said ‘my pleasure!’ We cracked up.”

- Julia R.

This page lists several products offered by this company and the 3 listed above are towards the bottom of the listings. Many women also buy products for their husbands, so since I know this company honors their money back promises, maybe you can benefit from viewing it.

Disclaimer - This is NOT a paid post, and the FDA has not evaluated these statements or endorsed these products.

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