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When the adrenals become exhausted

Posted Jun 08 2010 12:00am
A couple of notes about this article from the
  • Many people are not aware that some Walgreen's Pharmacies (not all) have the ability to compound medications. I have only had one blog reader tell me that they have used a Walgreen's for their bioidentical hormones. I will tell you honestly that I did give the Walgreen's Compounding Pharmacy on Gilead Road in Huntersville, NC the opportunity to compound several of my bioidenticals---and to say I was not happy with their service would be a gross understatement. They screwed up just about everything---from billing my insurance to putting the estriol cream into a container that was in no way compatible with the vaginal applicator, and the list goes on. I have some doubts about the efficacy of their compounding period, as after I had used the T3 medicine they compounded for 6 months, I had blood work done and my T3 was way off. It may have been coincidence, but with everything else they messed up, I'm leery. For the record, I have used other Walgreen's for regular prescription needs, and I have been highly satisfied with the service.
  • The article mentions sublingual tablets---that is one way of taking hormones, however, most of the experts in BHRT prefer a non oral delivery of the hormones to bypass the liver (I take all of my hormones transdermally by creams---and for some hormones, there is a pellet system available that is inserted under the skin.)
  • Quote from the article "The FDA says estrogen and estrogen-progestin drugs also are identical to hormones found in the body"----oh, really? Either the FDA is wrong or the article is incorrect----progestin is NOT bioidentical!
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