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What You See Is What You Get

Posted Jul 03 2009 1:39pm

Easter candy edited1 Every Easter, we have a candy hunt for our grand-kids.  We hide candy throughout the main rooms of our house and they have a blast finding these treasures and depositing them on the dining room table, where Grandpa will redistribute them into even stashes.  We don' t want any hurt feelings that the bigger kids ' found more' candy than the little ones.  An unexpected  part of this fun family event is to find candy throughout the year that the grand-kids missed in their quest to find the most candy.  As you can see in the photo above, there is a lone foil wrapped chocolate egg sitting on the window sill, waiting to be noticed.  The interesting thing is that either my husband or I opened and closed the window shades every day for two months, until at last I spied the tasty morsel sitting there, plain as day.  I was astounded that one of us hadn' t noticed it before.

Easter candy close up edited 1 It got me thinking about how much I must miss everyday because I am distracted, rushed, feeling negative or single-minded in my focus.  I felt a little sad that there are so many possibilities, perhaps staring me right in the face, like the easter candy, that I don' t see and therefore don' t acknowledge.   I wonder where these discoveries or alternative paths would lead me.  So, I have recommitted to be more mindful as I go about my life and hope that this purposeful openness allows me to see new possibilities, go down new paths and explore the unknown. 

How about you? 

photos by: chris wucherer

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