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What You Really Need to Know about Breast Implants

Posted May 13 2013 5:33am
Usually breast implant surgery is undergone by women to improve the volume of the breasts and give them a better appearance. Currently, the procedure has become quite refined because considerable improvements have been introduced in the technology and surgical strategies. Normally, if better outcomes are desired, the procedure is performed with breast lift. Breast implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Several factors have to be taken into consideration, when it comes to choosing the right implant. These factors include the size, shape, texture, positioning, and personal anatomy. To find out if you are a candidate for cosmetic breast surgery, you must consult a reliable plastic surgeon.

Types of Breast Implants and the Procedure

Breast implants are of two types - saline filled implants and silicone gel filled implants. In silicone implants, there is a silicone shell in which silicone gel is filled. In saline implants too, there is a silicone shell which is filled with sterile saline liquid. Many surgeons give preference to saline implants because even if they get ruptured, the body absorbs the saline solution. However, the major drawback of the saline implants is its probability of causing rippling on the skin.

General anesthesia is given to women during this procedure and the surgeon creates an incision looking at the type of body and type of implant. Then, the surgeon inserts the implant through the incision and places it in proper position. The incision is then closed; this procedure doesn’t take more than a couple of hours. Given below are the risks associated with breast implants:

 >> Scarring
 >> Pain in the breast
 >> Infection
 >> Bleeding
 >> Changes in sensation in nipples
 >> Formation of scar tissue
 >> Hardening of space around implants
 >> Leakage and rupture
 >> Double bubble: Sometimes the implant shifts below the fold and a line is made at the bottom of breasts

Approach the Right Plastic Surgeon

The implants can be replaced if any complications are noticed regarding the size or shape of breasts. To avoid problems with breast implants, the right surgeon, having the right expertise should be chosen to provide the procedure. The surgeon should be experienced and trained in providing the breast augmentation procedure and should observe all safety standards. Ideally, he/she should be providing services from an accredited and reputable facility. The plastic surgery center should have all the latest advanced equipment and caring support staff. This will ensure you a safe and comfortable surgical experience.
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