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What would be the cause of several years of anal itching and hyperpigmentation around the opening of the anus?

Posted by mommy2010

I am 32 year old female.  I had an anal biopsy done last year due to my symptoms but the doctor told me the results showed no cancer and just to treat it symptomatically.  I just recently saw another doctor and when I showed her the report she said it definitely needs close follow up because the biopsy showed "koilocytes" which is suggestive of an HPV infection and should be closely monitored.  I had a pap 7 years ago that showed High Risk HPV but my last 5 pap smears have been normal with no HPV showing.  I'm concerned about the HPV that seems to be lingering in the anal canal and worried about anal cancer.  Could something else be the cause of my symptoms or could I really have anal cancer at only 32?  I did engage in anal intercourse about 9 years ago but haven't since.  I thought my body would clear out the HPV there as well since it had in my cervical area.  Please help...
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Did you have any dental work done like crown work or any bonding?  I wonder if your root cause is dental posioning.  If you did check with your dentist as to the type of cement bondings and or fillings used.  Do you also have swollen glands in your throat?  
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