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What to do with bothersome low blood pressure?

Posted by frenchcat0115

I am 5'5 and 137 lbs. So I am not a thin and not overweight individual. I am moderately active (not an athlete). I am 41 year old woman, non drinker, non-smoker. My whole adult life I was struggling (with many issues: I had no money, single mom of 2 children since age of 20, and absolutely alone, lack of family to help me, depression etc) so, life I was very stressful and I am more negative person. But I had always worked 2 jobs, slept very little while ALWAYS I had 90/60 blood pressure, and always had alot of energy.

Now I am less stressed, I sleep more, I eat very well. A healthy diet of grains/veggies/fruit/nuts/ little fish and live oil on salads (when I am hungry, which I am not anymore) and I am dragging my feet.  I am very weak and have no appetite. I drink 1 cup of organic coffee a day (in the morning) and feel no more alert than I did before coffee. I am not really having aches and pains, but occasional headache (that just feels like pressure in the brain) it comes and goes usually with huge weather temperature jumps (I am talking 40 degrees in 1 day)

When my BP is 100/60 I feel great. When my BP is 90/60 I feel good. What should I eat to naturally elevate my blood pressure? I am so out of energy and lightheaded. It is now 80/50.

Thanks in advance! 

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