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What may be the reason it's burning and bleeding at the end of where I urinate from? It looks like there a lump at the end

Posted by Jahmommy

I have been burning from where I urinate at for almost a week now. I went to a walk in, they prescribed Cypro for a uti and I asked what can I take for immediate relief for the burning they said azo and that it works fast. So I got the azo maximum strength for a uti infection it did not work. I took the antibiotic for 3 days as prescribed still no relief. The burning just got worse. Day 3 after going to the walk in I went to the ER they hooked me up on a IV and gave me antibiotics and pain meds thru the IV. They ran test did a CT came back and said no kidney stones and called it a kidney infection and gave me another prescription for something similar to azo. They gave me the first pill out of 3 there. and told me to take the remaining  two in the same day and that would be the end of that. However when I went to get the script filled it went from one day to me having to take the pills 3x a day for 3 days. I'm guessing because they gave me the generic brand. Anyway the burning has not stopped, I took a mirror to look down there and it's really read and sore and is bleeding at the opening of where my urine comes from. I'm starting to think that whatever this is is not going to heal as long as I'm urinating and the burning is going to continue. What is this what do I do? No doctor has even bothered to check me down there either even after telling them what's going on down there.
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